Mercantile.app is a group of fintech brands with a mission to help consumers and sellers better allocate resources and generate capital.

Categories include services, stocks, metals, cryptocurrency, NFT’s and blockchain (web ledger) technology.

Mercantile.app is a subsidiary of Leshire.

Meet our CEO

Rex Sarazen

CEO at Leshire.com

CEO at Deaf.app


Rex Sarazen is the founder and CEO of the American conglomerate Leshire. He is a technologist, entrepreneur and advocate for the Deaf.

Since 2012, Rex and the team at Leshire built a portfolio of brands; Solving for the people in a new digital revolution.

Born in Lestershire, New York into an IBM family and raised in Endicott (The location of Plant No. 1 and birthplace of IBM.) Rex credits his success to the firmware of the last generation of original IBMers. Their principles and singular legacy animate Leshire on a mission to enable humanity.

Rex is a CODA (Child of Deaf Adult), Interpreter, supporter of Deaf-world initiatives and advocate for Deaf civil rights; Combating audism (discrimination against the Deaf), promoting quality of life issues for Deaf Americans and the Deaf worldwide.